Set to explode in the not so distant future, is a devastating war in the Middle East. The Jews will fight off Arab aggression and end terrorism once and for all! ISRALESTINE; The Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East, boldly unveils significant Bible prophecy that has eluded the discernment of today’s great scholars. Once upon a foretold time the Jewish people were to meet with a holocaust type condition, out from which they would return back to their ancient homeland of Israel. They would begin as refugees, but promptly emerge into an exceedingly great army. As per Psalm 83, destiny’s design for this great army is a head to head confrontation with a formidable Arab confederacy consisting of Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians, Jordanians, Saudis, Egyptians, and associated terrorist groups like the Hamas, Hezbollah, and Al-Qaeda.

This Arab coalition has been developing in its fledgling stages since 1948, and will climax and officially confederate in the very near future. The Israeli Defense Forces will decisively defeat this offensive, and prove to be the “exceedingly great army” of Ezekiel 37:10, 25:14, and Obadiah 1:18. They will expand territorially, become regionally superior, take prisoners of war, and exploit the resources of these conquered Arab nations. In that condition they will become one of, if not the wealthiest nations on earth. It is from that position of empowerment that the Jews will dwell securely in the Middle East. Subsequently the world stage is set for the Russian – Iranian led coalition of nations, which will form against Israel as prophesied in the book of Ezekiel, chapters 38 and 39. This non – fiction thriller is carefully designed to cautiously navigate the reader through the end time’s calendar.

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