Will Psalm 83 bring Hindus & Muslims to Christ?

Isralestine Q. & A. - “Bill, my name is Marcia and I'm not a minister or a scholar, just a retired autoworker who has studied prophecy for many years. I have read Isralestine and initially attempted to disprove the book in my own mind because it sounded like just another prophecy book with too much opinion and not enough scripture. However, please be informed that I could not find any inconsistencies. The reason I tried to find fault with your book is because it's almost to good to be true!

I searched the scriptures and read many parts of Isralestine several times. It really does fill in the gap between now and the Russian-Iranian led invasion of Israel described in Ezekiel 38-39.

Question- “Do you think there is a possibility that after Psalm 83, seeing that India is developing close ties with Israel, that this may bring on mass conversions to Christianity when the Hindu people see the God of Israel come through for the Jews? Also, it would be wonderful to have many Muslims come to know our Lord!”

Answer: Marcia - I appreciate the fact that you were a Berean when it came to reading Isralestine and am thankful that you now give it the "two thumbs up" rating. Similarly, a retired football coach who has studied prophecy for over 30 years recently called me to tell me that he picked up a copy of Isralestine at the Tulsa 2009 prophecy conference this past April. He stated he has read the book cover to cover four times in two months and is astonished by the timely importance of the new Isralestine insights, which he had never heard before. Comments like yours and his are of great encouragement that the book is right on track with today’s events.

In response to your question above, I believe that after Psalm 83 many countries will have a greater respect for Israel's military might, not necessarily for Jehovah God or Messiah Jesus Christ. The Israeli Conquest over the Psalm 83 Arab confederacy will reinforce the faith of those familiar with the Psalm and may generate some new Christian converts, but overall I believe most of humanity will wonder in the aftermath what is in it geopolitically for them. The prime example will be witnessed through the relatively prompt confederate formation of Russia, Iran, and the other members of Ezekiel 38 in the aftermath of the Psalm 83 war. They will seek to seize Israel's spoils of war not worship their God. Additionally Muslims worldwide will be appalled at Israel for decimating their Islamic brothers and sisters in the Middle East.

Hal Lindsy Reports on Psalm 83

I believe that Psalm 83 is about to, and allowed to, occur because the international community has become entirely disconnected from God’s divine foreign policy in Genesis 12:3. When Israel reigns victorious over the Arab confederacy most of humanity will fail to associate God’s empowerment of the Israeli Defense Forces with their amazing victory. Some will see the connection, but many will perceive the events through a limited secular mindset. This will be unfortunate because the LORD will use the Israeli Conquest to put the world on official notice that His Genesis 12:3 foreign policy is still effectually in tact.

The world lesson will be that if Jacob’s (Israel) own twin brother Esau (Edomites / Palestinians) gets cursed for attempting to curse Israel then what Gentile nation from that point forward that seeks to do the same (curse Israel), will be spared from the cursing they deserve.

Furthermore, in the aftermath of Ezekiel 38 and 39, I believe that many countries will begin to fear, not necessarily revere the Jewish God Jehovah. Even the Jewish nation appears to gravitate toward Jehovah worship through the reinstatement of their ancient Mosaic Law rather than Christianity. I believe that many will convert to Christianity before, during, and after both Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38, but I attribute most of their conversions to the Rapture event and the preaching of the 144,000 witnesses of Revelation 7, which I believe will be occurring in or around a similar time frame.

Post Rapture Christians will likely have a decent understanding of the Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38 prophecies and will be able to use their final fulfillments to better witness to the world about the credibility of the Bible and the Messiahsip of Jesus Christ. Muslims and Hindus, like many others in humanity today, are beginning to question the soundness of their belief systems in light of powerful current world events. More and more they are inclining a listening ear and an open heart to the gospel and Bible prophecy. For those among their ranks willing to step beyond the limitations of their religious dogmas the fulfillment of the Psalm 83 and subsequent Ezekiel 38 prophecies will likely play a powerful role in their future conversions to Christianity.

Many Blessssssings from Isralestine
Bill Salus

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Lawrence of India said...

Dear Brother Bill,
This is a very interesting analysis as this pertains to India--the country of my birth and my citizenship, assuredly let me tell you, right now there is a huge wave of Indian people reaching to the Lord Jesus Christ, their names may be Hindu, Muslim their habits may be different, but in their hearts they have Christ.

The impact of Psalms 83 would certainly have a very powerful impact on Indians--Reasons:
#1 India is next to Israel in the forefront facing the scourge of Islamic radical terrorism and its devastating attacks.Indians long for the day when these attacks would cease, we all know that it is the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence that is spearheading these attacks. India's engagement in Afghanistan in human development efforts has also brought in painful reprisals from Pakistan. Therefore a defeat of radical Islam by the Ezekiel 37:10 "exceedingly great army" of the IDF would prove to be of immense strategic import for India. Privately India's elite (diplomatic, strategic and economic) greatly admire and support Israel, but given India's 140 million Muslims, they cannot exhibit this outside. Israel knows this very well.

#2 India is one of Israel's largest defense customers, the scope, variety and the sophisticated technologies that they import from Israel creates envy for the US and Russia, the fact is that Israel would eclipse Russia which is India's #1 defence hardware provider is not an exaggeration. India's armed forces are thoroughly impressed with Israeli technology and to my knowledge several Indian Armed Forces Directing and Command Staff have already been trained in Israel. Therefore an exceedingly great victory by the IDF would be of immense boost for India, its elite and its people, it would generate an intense curiosity and inference about Israel and its victory--after all we have this saying".....nothing succeeds like success and nothing fails like failure..."

#3 India next to China is the most populous country--therefore in the Divine Plan, there has to be an important calculation of how Indians and Chinese would be reached for Christ. I am very sure that the Psalms 83 prophecy would unequivocally shatter the "Islamic myth" on one hand and on the other, it would instill a new sense of inquiry among the Indians and Chinese to infer as to how this supernatural victory could have been possible--although the West would dismiss this off, The Oriental mind is not as the Occidental mind, it has better capacity to infer the "emotional and rational"; assess the metaphysical currents and would discern the Divine Power of what propelled Israel to victory. I see this with conviction because India and Israel share the same adversity, so if Israel is victorious then how would India emerge would be a query that would be predominant in the Indian mind.

With the well-established Christian missions outreach that is now sweeping, India and China, the powershift would decisively be to the Orient, as the Christ-rennaissance empowers the Orient even as Europe-America languish in faith. In fact we should not forget that the Orient would stand against the Western Confederacy of the Anti-Christ and would not be a part of his empire.

You may post my above comments in your blog

PS: I just received your excellent book that my cousin in New York arranged to be shipped from Amazon and am enjoying reading it. "Amazing clarity, stupendous effort, excellent consistency--good for a PhD degree and now that it is a book it is more than that". I say this as a PhD program advisor.

Two tentative points about it:One, there has been a very thorough hermeneutic research into the work, two the research themes have been sequenced with prophecy--establishing the prophecy-contemporary affairs links in a robust manner.

I should now inform you that one of my PhD doctoral program scholars by name Elizabeth Phillips is working on "The Geopolitics of Contemporary Israel" and I have recommended your book to be the primary citation besides the Holy Bible.