Prophet Predicts Israel to bury Iranians & burn Iranium!

Part Two by Bill Salus

The nuclear clock still ticks on Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s apocalyptic watch. On February 11, 2010 he informed the International Community that his country has achieved the ability to make their first batch of 20% enriched uranium; a milestone accomplishment for a nation seeking nuclear statehood.

Confirming suspicions that 2010 likely becomes the year Iran produces its own nuclear bomb, the BBC news subsequently announced Iran will be capable of producing weapons grade uranium within six months. Additionally, in December 2009 it was widely reported that Iran successfully simulated the detonation of a nuclear warhead, also considered a crowning nuclear achievement.

It has become increasingly apparent that unless some outside intervening source initiates a strategic strike against Iran’s nuclear sites, it could soon be calling itself the nuclear enriched uranium state of IRANIUM! This new metaphoric word construct adequately describes the potential arrival of the rogue nuclear state of Iran upon the world scene. Not surprisingly, most world political and military leaders consider the coming of Iranium potentially catastrophic.

Part one of these articles discussed the implausibility of present political options preventing Iran from becoming a nuclear state and briefly alluded to an ancient prophetic prediction regarding the fate of Iran’s nuclear future. Furthermore, the reading of a related World Net Daily article called the Bible predicts: Israel to nab Russian, Iranian nukes was encouraged. Part two of this piece picks up at the point of Iran’s predicted future.

Iran, formerly called Persia up until 1935, is identified in end time’s bible prophecy as either Elam or Persia. Both names find historical biblical association with modern day Iran. Jeremiah 49:34-39 predicts Elam’s end time events and Ezekiel 38 and 39 corroborates Persia’s plight similarly.

The good news according to Jeremiah 49:39 is that a final remnant of Iranians has a benevolent future in the upcoming Messianic kingdom age. Conversely, the devastating reality according to both Jeremiah and Ezekiel is until then, many Iranians will die in an epic battle.

Ezekiel’s prophetic chapters 38 and 39 foretell the coming of a Russian – Iranian led confederate invasion of Israel in the last days. This coalition, whose modern day equivalents, are listed here alongside their ancient names appears to come against a much greater Israel than exists today.

In his descriptive fifty-two passages, the prophet delivers enormous detail about the entirety of the event. He pictures a powerful and prosperous Israel that dwells securely, without walls, in the midst of the Holy Land in the last days. Evidencing their prosperity Ezekiel declares that the Jewish State at the time of the invasion, possesses “great plunder” or “great spoil” in some biblical translations. Furthermore, Ezekiel 38:12-13 informs us that the Russian - Iranian led confederacy covets this great spoil and coalesces to confiscate it.

These invaders are divinely destroyed by the Jewish G-d Jehovah according to Ezekiel 38:18-39:6. In the aftermath multitudes of dead enemy soldiers are buried by Israelis for a specific time span of seven months. Subsequent to the seven months a search party goes forth to mark the site of each remain in order to thoroughly cleanse the affected land. The dead are buried in a designated area east of some sea in a valley that will ultimately be called “Hamon Gog”, which in Hebrew means hordes of the northern nation.

Some scholars suggest Ezekiel’s specificity about the burial process and quarantined location of the mass grave site infers these deceased hordes become contaminated by the fallout of their technologically advanced arsenals. If so, this implies that this power packed invasion comes against Israel with a full punch inclusive of the “A-B-C’s” of weaponry (Atomic, Biological, and Chemical).

Further fueling this thinking is that Ezekiel 39:9-10 predicts Israel will burn these enemy weapons for seven years, indicating the possible nuclear nature of these weapons. Ezekiel may have been attempting to describe the conversion of nuclear weapons into energy for civilian usage through the limited weapons technologies and vernacular of his time. Coincidentally, Iran’s present nuclear development program is supposedly only for civilian use purposes.

However, even though the Russian forces today are armed with mobile, ground-launched nuclear-capable missiles and artillery, there are problems with assuming in the Ezekiel 38 & 39 invasion that;

1. They intend to use them
2. The dead combatants are contaminated from them
3. They will be reconfigured for Israeli civilian usage in the aftermath

Listed below are three opposing arguments to the Ezekiel invaders being nuclear equipped at the time of the invasion;

1. If the dead enemy troops become contaminated from weapons fallout why are “birds of prey” and “beasts of the field” consuming them in Ezekiel 39:4? This presumes these creatures are either immune to the contaminated flesh, or that the corpses are edible and not contaminated.

2. Although Russia presently possesses nukes and Iran may be about to, there is no certainty that they intend to use them. Historically Russia has fought battles in Afghanistan and elsewhere without utilizing their nuclear weapons. Additionally the Ezekiel invaders are coming after great spoil, and nuking Israel could adversely affect the bounty they are bound for. Additionally, mopping up a post disaster nuclear battlefield is no small project. It requires a highly trained team working together in an extremely coordinated effort.

3. Reconfiguring nuclear weapons into fuel fulfilling civilian energy needs is no easy undertaking. It requires reverse engineering of extracting the HEU (Highly Enriched Uranium) or Enriched Plutonium and recycling it into Israel's Dimona reactor. This is a very complex time consuming method of civilian conversion.

These are valid arguments; however, the possibility remains that Russia and perhaps Iran include tactical nukes in their quivers as they descend down from the uttermost parts of the north upon Israel. (Ezekiel 38:6,15). If Ezekiel is describing “ABC” weapons fallout contaminating the dead enemy combatants, what valley is he identifying as the designated location of their mass graves; the valley east of what sea?

It is doubtful due to wind patterns that these holocaustic hordes will be buried east of the Mediterranean Sea in a cemetery near down town Tel Aviv. Thus the probable destination of this massive burial site will be somewhere in modern day Jordan east of the Dead Sea, which is much more geographically and topographically conducive.

Although this territory is presently sovereign to Jordanians, according to Genesis 15:18 coupled with Jeremiah 49:1-2, Israel will someday become sovereign over this land. Jeremiah alludes to ancient Ammon, which was located in what is today northern Jordan. This territorial title transfer seems to occur in the aftermath of the Israeli Defense Forces victory over the Psalm 83 confederacy.

Greater detail about the prelude, episode, and aftermath of the coming epic Arab – Israeli war of Psalm 83 can be gathered from my book Isralestine, The Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East. If the Ezekiel invaders are destined to be buried east of the Dead Sea in Jordan, this supports the Isralestine hypothesis that Psalm 83 precedes the Ezekiel 38 invasion since Jordan, an enlisted member of the Psalm 83 confederacy, must first be subdued.

In conclusion, at the rate Iran’s nuclear program is currently developing it appears that it will soon become a nuclear state. Perhaps their present nuclear aspirations may be postponed due to an intervening preemptive strategic strike by Israel and / or some other nation. However, such a scenario may not permanently sideline Iran’s march toward Iranium. Iran is clearly identified among the Ezekiel 38 invaders. Therefore, although their nuclear sites may be strategically struck, they as a nation must remain militarily intact.

Persia’s poor choice to enlist with Russia and its cohorts against Israel results in Iranians, not Israelis, nearly being wiped off of the map. This is an amazing dichotomy considering Iranian president Ahmadinejad has publicly declared his intentions to wipe Israel off of the map. Although the extent and content of the enemies' arsenals is uncertain, they will bless rather than destroy Israelis. These weapons currently being formed against Israel are actually being formed for Israel.
Fortunately for a remnant of Iranians, Jeremiah’s Jehovah will show compassion toward them. “But it shall come to pass in the latter days: I will bring back the captives of Elam, [Iran]’ says the LORD.” (Jeremiah 49:39 NKJV)

In addition to Isralestine, Epicenter by Joel Rosenberg and Northern Storm Rising by Dr. Ron Rhodes serve as recommended books regarded with the Ezekiel 38 & 39 coming invasion of Israel.

Article contributors: Don Mercer, Sean Osborne, Dr. Lawrence Prabhaker


A.M. Ragan said...


I enjoyed reading your articles.

Please tell us how the walls will come down after Psalm 83 War if Persia is still a major threat before coming Ezekiel 38. We all know that U.S. will NOT invade Persia. Why would Israel tear down their walls if Persia is still No. 1 supporter of terrorism? It is my understanding that those walls were built to keep out suicide bombers or local terrorists for harming Israeli citizens. Hizbo and Hamas may be destroyed, but Persia may not be part of Psalm 83 and that threat remains. Those walls were NOT built to keep out foreign powers outside of the borders because rockets and missiles can easily destroy those walls like shattered cardboards. We know that Second Lebanon War, those rockets or missiles can fly beyond those walls. i believe Gog's strategy is to go after the unwalled villages, not large cities such as Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. I hope to read your response regarding about those walls. Israel will never have peace until the Prince of peace comes, but they can feel secure with full confidence in IDF force. I do not see where Ezekiel talk about peace rather than he said about them being at rest and secure. There have not been suicide bombing since the walls were being established. My concern is that Persia is still Israel's biggest enemy and threat and they will not let down their guard or walls. Gog will attempt to attack the villages, not the cities, correct?

Bill Salus said...

A.M. Ragan - Persia is conspicuously absent from Psalm 83. Something likely happens to render them temporarily of little utility to the Arab Ps. 83 confederates. This could be as simple as Iran is Persian not Arab. However, they are presently in bed with Arab proxies, so it is likely more than that.

Perhaps a strategic strike upon their nuclear sites by Israel might be the cause. Such a strike would make Russian relations with Iran grow stronger and their collective hatred of Israel grow deeper. We just don't know for certain why Iran is not enlisted in the Psalm.

Regarding tandem usage of unwalled villages and without walls in Ezekiel 38:11: According to the NASB, Ezekiel 38:11a repeats the Hebrew words "perazah perazah" alluding to "unwalled villages" possibly even rural unwalled villages. Further on in the same passage, Ezekiel 38:11b, he declares the Jews dwell securely "without walls", bars or gates.

In this instance Ezekiel uses the Hebrew words "ayin" "chomah" suggesting the Jews literally dwell without walls at the time of the invasion.

In Ezekiel 38:11b he used entirely differing terms. He could have repeated "perazah" again to describe Israel in an unwalled condition but opted not to.

Thus, it is probable that Ezekiel was describing an Israel epitomized by a sense of secure existence from top to bottom within their society at the time of the Ezekiel invasion. A sense of national security perhaps extending even out into the rural villages.

The greatest example in modern history of a wall coming down was the Berlin wall. When Israel feels safe they will no longer have a need for the 403 mile long partition wall currently protecting Israel proper from Palestinian terror.

I suspect they will be tearing this wall down in the aftermath of an I.D.F. victory over the Psalm 83 confederacy. We shall see if the Church is still on earth at the time.


Anonymous said...

Bill, an interesting article. I have a comment and question. It seems there must be quite a bit of time between the conclusion of Psm 83 conflict and the Ez 38 one. How else could Israel become prosperous and take down its walls. Many people seem to advocate Ez 38 as a rapid responce to Psm 83 but that seems impossible for the above reasons. I would like to hear your comments on this. My question is Ez38:8 what do you make of 'the land that is restored from the sword'? Is this talking about the Psm 83 conflict it is restored from? Thank you, I really enjoy reading the fruit of your labor.